Sunday, 30 October 2011

Immune Shield

Don't catch a cold! Catch Immune Shield!
Avoid common colds, allergies and illness with Sunwarrior products.

Helps to balance the amount of silver particles in the body, promotes good health and helps maintain peak performance.

Immune Shield should be used to help purify and cleanse it delivers trace minerals and nutrients which will help to boost up the immune system.

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Product Information

Immune Shield is a natural Fulvic acid mineral complex fortified with silver ions. The Fulvic acid /mineral complex is a catalyst and chelater which delivers trace minerals, various nutrients, and electrolytes freely to all of the cells and body fluids. Our Fulvic acid mineral complex molecules have been fortified with silver ions. The presence of small ions of silver placed by a proprietary technology within these fulvic mineral complex molecules provides a revolutionary form of silver to assist the immune system. These
molecules provide a new and more efficient delivery system to safely provide silver ions in higher amounts (over 25 ppm) without the danger of
building up excessive amounts of silver particles within the body tissues that could
could result in argyria. This fortified fulvic molecule takes the potential of a solution containing silver ions to a new level. It provides:

  • Delivery of silver ions within a carrier molecule that totally dissolves in water and is easily received and digested.

  • Delivery of silver ions within a carrier molecule (The Fulvic Acid Mineral Complex) that can penetrate all body fluids and all cells and tissues of the body. This provides for total body immune system support and protection.

  • It also provides silver ion protection within the cells of the body where the benefits of silver ions can be experienced in combating the threat of viruses.

  • It is complexed inside the fulvic acid molecule in a balance that allows for the full dynamic potential of the fortified fulvic complex to reach its maximum beneficial levels of performance and protection.

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